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Zhoushan International Grain and Oil Industrial Park
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  Located at Laotangshan Port Area of Zhoushan Island and with a coastline of about 3.5 km, the planning area in this park covers an area of 4.41km. Due to its fairway depth over 18m that can make large-scale marines less than 200,000 tons access freely, it has become an ideal base for transferring, distributing and processing bulk grain and oil commodities.
  In the park, industries relating to the processing, delivering, transferring, storing under bond as well as modernized transaction of bulk grains and oils are developed rapidly to build it into a internationalized and specialized grain and oil park with great-leap-forward development as well as whole industrial chains. It mainly introduces in industries of processing and producing food with high added value that take grains and oils as well as their by-products as raw materials and of deep-processing of wheat, corns and rices.

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